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Flexible Office Space Glossary

We deliver a seamless and efficient process for you with a single primary point of of contact so you do not get overwhelmed by different providers. We provide expert knowledge of the flexible office market and therefore ensure you not only find the best space possible for your business, but also take the space at the best possible price. Wholly owned by Savills our experience across the market means our knowledge is second to none. The best part is our service is free for you to use as the occupier.

Coworking space typically encompsses a shared working working environment, often with an open plan and offers either dedicated desks for individuals or hot desks which provide a more flexible seating arrangement. A common serviced flexible office facility will offer a mixture of deciated private office suites for teams of 1 to over 100 people coupled with shared breakout areas, conference rooms and common areas such as outdoor terraces. It may also include a small co-working area as part of the offer.

This varies among providers, operators and from building to building and can vary greatly based on the design and configuration. Typcially, flexible office spaces within a shared ecosystem will provide about 1 desk to 50 - 70 square feet. Self-containted private flexible office suites are often designed to accomodate employees at a ratio of 1 employee for every 100 - 175 square feet. This can also vary based on the number of private offices and conference rooms contained in the design.

Our user friendly searchable online platform allows you to easily find office space around the world. Simply search for your location and adjust the filters to set for any specific qualitative or quantitative requirmens, then browse through the options. Our expert advisors are available to examine your business needs and to arrange viewings on your behalf. Once you have viewed the space, Workthere will negotiate the best price and flexible business terms to align with your business goals.

It's free to list your space on our website by following these simple steps: 1. Create an account 2. Add your company information 3. Fill in the location details for the company 4. Enter the property details for each location including a description and list of available facilities 5. Upload high quality images (PLEASE NOTE: each image must be under 3 MB in file size) 6. Fill in the space you have available Review our useful guide that takes you through each step in more detail, and if you get stuck contact our team - we're here to help!

The precise offering will vary among all coworkig operators. In general you can expect to have access to shared kitchenettes, break-out spaces, bathrooms, huddle rooms, confrerence rooms and telephone booths. Some coworking spaces will also include screening rooms, gyms, and recording studios, as well as outdoor spaces terraces exclusively for use by their members.

The facilities available in a serviced office will vary from provider to provider, and between individual properties. You can generally expect to have access to a kitchen or meal preparation area, bathrooms, telephone and meeting rooms, and break-out or leisure areas. Serviced office providers often include shower facilities, gyms, and rooftop terraces or outdoor space depending on the location.

This depends on the type of workspace you're getting. For coworking memberships you can move in as early as the next day in some cases. Serviced space can vary more depending on your requirements and corporate needs, and we are committed to negotiating a timescale that works best for your business.

Once you've found an office space that will work for your team, you can either book a viewing through our website or get in touch with our experts.

For businesses seeking to find a flexible office we're completely free.

Absolutely! Flexible office space makes fantastic short-term office space. Or if you need a bit more space, you can rent private offices for temporary accommodation, known as swing space, for a matter of months during an office relocation, or for project space.

No, the monthly cost of a private office and coworking space is inclusive of business rates.

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Flexible space is the blanket term used to cover the various different types of office space, from co-working to serviced offices. In general, it offers space that is furnished and ready to use, available on a monthly contract, with all costs rolled into one monthly costs. It is known as ‘flexible’ space as the monthly or 12 month contract is more flexible than your traditional five or 10 year lease.

A serviced office provides a mixture of private office suites, all set-up with furniture and ready to occupy almost immediately. The suites benefit from access to shared kitchens and communal break-out areas, as well as access to meeting rooms and other amenities that the building might offer. All costs are rolled into a single monthly bill that includes everything from cleaning, to tea and coffee, business rates and the rent. The suites are usually available from 1 month, but typically contracts are 12 months.

A co-working space is similar to a Serviced Office but comprises a shared working environment (i.e. no walls/private offices), which is typically open-plan and offers either hot-desks or dedicated desks for members along with shared access to meeting facilities, break out areas, and often some office equipment, such as printers.

Hot desking is a system used in an office or coworking space where some or all of the desks are available for anybody to use as requested. Hot desking allows teams to move around an office space, encouraging collaborative working.

A fixed or dedicated desk is a desk designated to a specific individual or business within an open-plan office space.

A virtual office allows you to get the benefit of a registered address and telephone number but with no physical office space. Providers of virtual offices can handle your mail and telephone enquiries as part of the cost package.

Often based within a flexible office, incubators and accelerators offer office space, expertise, and in some cases capital to help entrepeneurs build their business. Space is usually taken for a finite amount of time, i.e. that company will either succeed where it is able to grow out of the space, or it doesn’t and it folds.

A licence agreement between a flexible office space provider and a member. Memberships are offered on flexible terms and are usually paid on a monthly basis.

A person who pays a membership fee to a flexible office space provider in return for the use of the flexible office space. The fee is usually paid monthly by the individual, or on behalf of the individual by their employer.

Start-up key terms

Venture Capitalist funds manage money from investors whom seek private equity stakes in business that show signs of strong growth projections.

The process of increasing financial support for a project or venture via raising money from a large number of investors who each contribute a small amount.

The first round of funding that helps finance the initial stages a new venture. If successful, this round should hopefully be followed by an even bigger Series A round.

An angel investor is an individual who injects their own capital (rather than that of a fund) into a start up in exchange for a stake in the business. This investment usually occurs after a Seed Round.