Pricing for renting private offices ranges significantly in cities across the UK and in different locations across London, depending on where you’re looking. Our useful guide looks ahead to where we expect pricing to be for H1 2024 for renting a private office on a per desk per month basis. Depending on the type of space you’re looking for pricing will range above and below the averages outlined on the maps based on various factors including the quality of space, proximity to transport links and amenities offered. 


What is the average price for renting a desk in a private office across the UK and Ireland? 

If you’re looking at renting a private office in the UK’s capital average pricing sits at £700 per desk per month in London, which is the highest across the country. Ireland’s capital, Dublin, sees desk pricing at around €670 per person per month. 

In other large cities such as Manchester and Birmingham rental rates on average are £450 per desk and slightly lower in Liverpool at £300. In the South of England renting a private office is £400 per desk per month on average in Bristol, Brighton and Reading. In Scotland average pricing in Glasgow is £350 and slightly higher in Edinburgh at £425. 

Expand the map below to see average pricing for other cities across the UK. 

What is the average price for renting a desk in a private office across London?

Private office pricing varies considerably across the capital depending on which area you’re looking in. At the top end of the market in more affluent areas such as St James’ and Mayfair average pricing is £1,100 per desk per month. This is a popular location with financial businesses and legal firms and is home to some particularly high-end flexible office spaces. Other areas of the West End including Covent Garden and Soho see rental prices sitting around £750 and £900 respectively. In Midtown, an area which has seen increased demand and new flexible office spaces opening up in the last few years has an average monthly price of £800.

In West London pricing ranges from an average of £400 per desk per month in Chiswick and £500 in Hammersmith to £825 in Kensington. In the City pricing ranges from £500 in Old Street, to £525 Shoreditch and £750 in the City Core.

In locations south of the river, pricing varies from £550 in Vauxhall to £700 in Waterloo and £800 in London Bridge. In more residential areas including Brixton and Clapham, pricing sits at £300 and £525 respectively.

Expand the map below to see average pricing for other submarkets across London. 

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