Prior to the pandemic, employee wellbeing was a topic that was gaining traction and a factor that was making its way up the agenda for organisations large and small in terms of its importance and relevance to business performance.

However, over the last 18 months, we have seen the focus on employee wellness and wellbeing accelerate at pace as the impacts of movement restrictions, lockdowns and working from home all took their toll. As employees start to return to the workplace, many with a renewed set of work/life priorities, wellbeing continues to be an important topic and one that companies are increasingly focusing on.

A few months ago we announced our second Workthere Coworking Wellbeing Awards, a competition to find flexible workspaces with the best wellbeing offerings. To determine this we assessed a variety of aspects from the amount of natural light the space has, to outdoor areas and community events offered.

We can now reveal the winners...

Top 3 Flexible Workspaces for Wellbeing

  1. Fora, London
  2. Frame Offices, Hoofddorp
  3. Microlab, Eindhoven

View our top 10 space ranking and find out more about how flexible offices are supporting employee wellbeing.

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