Given the level of flexibility now required to support hybrid working, we expected extra day passes to rank top when we asked operators about the most demanded flexible office features, as part of our Flexmark 3.0 report. However, whilst extra passes ranked highly at number three, it was in fact phone booths that topped the table for the most highly demanded feature across the globe.

With internal meeting rooms coming in at number two, the results demonstrate a clear trend towards a greater requirement for privacy throughout flexible offices. This is of particular relevance for those individuals or small teams occupying coworking areas rather than private offices, which are generally more popular with larger businesses.

Extra day passes remain a popular requirement and complete the top three of the most popular demands globally. Allowing staff the use of space on different days, or as needed, day passes allow businesses to offer their employees an augmented level of flexibility that complements the particular work they are doing on any given day, as well as potentially making them more efficient from a cost perspective.

Increased collaboration space and standing desks ranked fourth and fifth respectively demonstrating the continued importance of staff integration and the shift towards more activity based working, as well as the growing significance placed on wellbeing.

What is interesting is the lower rankings of features such as in-house cafes and restaurants and close proximity to the gym, which prior to the pandemic, were more important to occupiers. However, it seems that now the significance lies within the physical space in which individuals work.

For flexible office providers it is imperative that they listen to and work with their occupiers’ changing needs, which are essentially a reflection of the shift in the way their staff want to work. 

A proactive approach from both parties using data and space analysis will be crucial in supporting the success of hybrid working as well as providing a best-in-class space to welcome staff back to the office.

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