Working from home without a separate study? From setting up camp in your kitchen to finding a productive spot in your bedroom, there are plenty of domestic spaces you can utilise when creating a place to work at home. To help you make the most of whatever space you have access to during lockdown, we have pulled together top tips on creating a comfortable home office, in any room in your home.

1. Bedroom

The bedroom is a popular home office space, especially for those living with friends or family who need a little privacy to concentrate. With a few adjustments, a dressing table can easily be transformed into a desk, just clear the surface, and pull up a comfortable chair.

Your bed might be a tempting prospect, but ideally avoid this if you can – you may come to associate it with work rather than rest, which can disrupt your sleep routine. That being said, the odd afternoon working under the covers won’t do any harm, so long as it’s not your permanent workspace.

2. Kitchen

The go-to WFH space for a lot of people, your kitchen can be easily transformed into an office space, with the added bonus that it’s conveniently located for those all-important tea and coffee breaks!

If you have a kitchen table or even an island, just set up your laptop and pull up a chair. Most kitchens are on the brighter side of the house, so you’re likely to benefit from more natural light, and it’s also not usually a place of rest, so it doesn’t matter if you get used to working in that room.

3. Dining room

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate dining room in your home, this is the ideal place to set up a home office. Your dining table can easily double as a desk, and there’ll be plenty of space to plug in a second screen or spread out your notes while you work.

It’s worth closing your work laptop each day and putting any papers away overnight, so that the dining table can become a place to eat again. Maintaining a positive work-life balance can be tricky when you’re working from home, but setting clear boundaries like this will help you unwind when you sit down for your evening meal.

4. Living room

While your lounge is usually a place to rest or maybe entertain, it’s also a versatile room that you could easily transform into a suitable space to work. Working on the sofa might blur the lines between your work and home life, so bringing a table and chair into your living room is a good solution – you could also use your coffee table as an overflow space for any books or paperwork you need open.

Some people may need complete quiet to work, but if you prefer a bit of background noise to keep you company, working in the lounge is extra convenient, as you can have your TV on or listen to some music throughout the day.

5. Garden

If your home has an outdoor space like a balcony or a garden, this can be a fantastic choice for an office space – when the weather allows of course. You’ll get plenty of fresh air and vitamin D, which boosts mood and productivity, and you’ll be out of the house all day.

Garden furniture can make a surprisingly practical makeshift office environment – but if the weather takes a turn, you could even transform your shed or garage into a little home office, providing you can connect to the Wi-Fi from there.

6. Conservatory

Not every household has the added benefit of a conservatory, but if you have one, it makes the perfect home office. Enjoy masses of natural light, and if it looks out onto your garden, you’ll also get the soothing view of your outdoor space – both of these may help to boost your mood. Check you’ve got a strong internet connection, then move a table and chair into the space and you’re good to go!