Going global: Flexible workspaces offering international memberships



Many of the well-established providers in the flexible office market such as Regus and WeWork boast a huge network of spaces across the globe, and an increasing number of providers are beginning to branch out internationally. Alongside this expansive catalogue of spaces, providers are also offering memberships that enable users to access this global network. This has significant benefits for members in need of a place to work for a few hours or days whilst on a trip abroad. It provides a productive environment away from the hustle and bustle with access to secure wi-fi and key amenities.

In addition to the provision of a workspace, it also opens up access to a network of global talent for members to potentially collaborate with. For companies looking to expand internationally it creates the opportunity to network with local business owners and gain a better understanding of the market and receive insightful advice, as well as establish strong contacts. We’ve rounded up a few of the flexible workspace providers that offer a global membership.


WeWork was founded in 2010 in the United States and offers flexible workspace to companies of all sizes from freelancers to large corporations and everything in between. WeWork has become known for its signature style of contemporary décor and creative wall murals. With a network of 96 spaces globally, including across China, Australia, the US, Singapore and Europe, WeWork has a vast portfolio internationally for members to take advantage of.

WeWork, West 29th Street, New York


WeWork’s global access membership is tailored for individuals or teams “on the go”  without the need for a permanent base. The membership provides unlimited access to their entire network of spaces, and desks are easily bookable via the WeWork app. Alternatively, members with a co-working membership can use any WeWork space globally for £40 per day. In addition to workspace, members utilising international offices can benefit from the use of conference rooms, professional printers, lounges and refreshments at each location. Membership pricing for companies is available on request.


Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces was created in 2008 with the aim to redefine the way work is done, by creating workspace that combines creativity with collaboration. Its style is simple yet stylish, making the most of natural light and incorporating plants into the spaces. Alongside their 31 locations across the UK, Spaces also boast 21 other locations across Europe, as well as a number of offices in North America, Asia and Pacific, and Latin and South America.

Spaces, Den Haag, Netherlands


Memberships are available for both individuals and corporations and grants access to all Spaces business clubs across the globe. Alongside access to a desk, this membership also enables members to book meeting rooms, use the phone booths and securely store items in lockers. Memberships for individuals start from £345 per month in London, and  special pricing plans are applied for corporations.


Mindspace currently operate in 13 cities internationally, with two locations in London, the first of which was opened towards the end of 2017. Its spaces are designed to inspire its occupiers, by creating a comfortable and collaborative environment. Mindspace’s style incorporates eclectic art and a retro style alongside clear-glass doors and walls to create a sense of openness. 

Mindspace, Frankfurt, Germany


Mindspace’s network predominantly covers Europe with spaces in Berlin, Amsterdam and Warsaw, to name just a few. Further afield, it offers space in San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv. Memberships provide users with access to any of their spaces across the globe at no extra charge. Memberships start from £375 per month.


Boasting workspaces in 23 countries, Servcorp has flexible workspace in major cities across the globe including Beijing, London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo and Paris. It was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1978 and offers unbranded workspace in a traditional style. A serviced office membership enables users to spend 5 days per month in any office or lounge worldwide for free.

Servcorp, Battery Road, Singapore


Alternatively, as part of the co-working membership, users may spend 1 day per month in a co-working lounge internationally free of charge. Additionally, membership plans incorporate access to fully equipped meeting rooms and boardrooms around the world, which is hugely beneficial for organisations looking to expand internationally or for meeting potential clients abroad. Membership prices start from $49 per month.


Regus was founded in 1989 in Brussels and is one of the largest serviced office and co-working providers. Regus has space in 3,000 locations across 120 countries, providing members with access to an immense global network. Regus spaces are traditionally decorated, offering a simple and unbranded style.

Regus, International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong


Users taking up a co-working or private office membership with Regus can benefit from unlimited use of its business lounges worldwide, which includes access to printers and photocopiers and secure wifi. Members can also take advantage of 10% discount on meeting room bookings. There’s no pre-booking required, making the process of using a global space simple for members. Co-working memberships start from £103 per month, private office memberships start from £188 per month and lounge memberships start from £84 per month.


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