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flexible office spaces in Los Angeles
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About Los Angeles

As the second-largest city in the US by population, it is unsurprising that Los Angeles is home to businesses across an array of industries. The flexible office sector is prominent in LA, with a variety of providers offering locations across the city, including Breather, Industrious and IWG (Spaces and Regus). What makes Los Angeles such an attractive option for businesses are its strong links to the technology and creative sectors alongside the growing number of venture capital firms, accelerators and incubators.

The different areas of the city have plenty to offer: The Westside is an area in high demand, and its prominence makes real estate here more expensive. Its popularity has attracted many industry leaders, including the HQ of Twentieth Century Fox and CAA. In Downtown LA, you’ll find the city’s financial district, where skyscrapers stack next to museums and historic buildings; this is a popular location for corporate headquarters. This area has a high concentration of flexible office space to accommodate businesses. Central LA is known for its growing tech, entertainment and media scene, and businesses, including Netflix and Buzzfeed, are positioned here.

With new creative office projects, retail renovations, and the new Rams/Chargers football stadium in Inglewood, South Bay is experiencing an influx of development, making it an attractive option for businesses. The tri-cities in the Northeast of LA are popular with businesses in the entertainment and media sector, as is the San Fernando Valley, which sits in close proximity to Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport and Van Nuys Airport, making it an enticing option for businesses looking to be well-connected.

Looking for a flexible workspace in Los Angeles? Read our LA business guide to learn more about the best places to grow your business. Our experts are equipped with the local market knowledge and can advise you on finding the right office space for your business.