Updated 5/26/2022

The South Bay is home to some of Los Angeles’ most diverse neighborhoods, ethnically, culturally and economically. Located in the southwest region of LA, adjacent to the ocean and neighboring LAX, the beach and inland communities of the South Bay are a great place for any business to call home. The beach cities, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach, are characterized as vibrant surf towns made famous by South Bay natives, The Beach Boys. The inland neighborhoods are known for the aerospace and global commerce industries due to the South Bay containing the largest and most active port in the United States.

The key features for business in The South Bay include:

  1. Much of the South Bay’s economy is comprised of global commerce from the San Pedro Bay Port Complex, the largest port in the United States. The port creates close to one million jobs in Los Angeles country (992,000) and generates approximately $297 billion in trade.
  2. The brand new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, home of the LA Rams and San Diego Chargers, will certainly drum up ample business to the area.
  3. The business-friendly environment of El Segundo and neighboring cities, known as the “Aerospace Capital of the World.”
  4. Workers can enjoy access to the beach, beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, and close access to LAX Airport.

Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach

Why position your business in Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach?

Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach make up a cluster of some of the country’s most renowned beaches and premier surf spots. Trendy shops, upscale restaurants, and casual bars make up the warm, laid-back, and relaxed atmosphere of these beach communities. With some of the best schools, parks and public amenities, these beach cities are the perfect place to call home for any family or business.

The corporate makeup of these communities is largely driven by the financial investments, legal services, aerospace and tech industries. Popular attractions include The Manhattan Beach Pier, where you can enjoy the ocean views, watch the surfers ride by, or visit the aquarium.

Getting around this area

Manhattan and Redondo Beach are accessible using the Metro Green Line which can also take you to LAX and other cities within the South Bay.

El Segundo

Why rent an office in El Segundo?

El Segundo, which neighbors LAX and Manhattan Beach, is distinguished as being the center of Southern California’s aerospace, aviation and petroleum industries. El Segundo is home to Elon Musk’s SpaceX (Hawthorne, specifically) and the Los Angeles Airforce Base and a major facility of Northrop Grumman. In 2006, El Segundo was recognized as one of the most business-friendly cities in the state.

After work, living in El Segundo provides you with some of the South Bay’s finest restaurants like Baran’s 2239 and Tin Roof Bistro, multitudes of parks and outdoor spaces and great sources of entertainment from the Automobile Driving Museum to the Old Town Music Hall.

Transport links

El Segundo is accessible using the Metro Green line.

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