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Workthere lockdown diary: Piers Mallitte



Further to the appointment of Piers Mallitte in the Workthere team back in March, we check in with him to see how the first few months of the job have been. Whether working from home or from the office Piers, who is an associate in the team, has been busy keeping on top of enquiries and staying in touch with the team via regular video calls.

Piers Mallitte, associate in the Workthere team

Q: What did Workthere / Savills do to make you feel integrated into the team pre lockdown and also as we went into lockdown?

Before my first day at Workthere, Freddie & Cal had already discussed who was in the team, what they do and how my position would work alongside them, which was hugely helpful just introducing myself as I was purely putting names to faces. We went for a team lunch so we could all get to know each other which really expedited the ‘newbie’ learning curve and made me feel at home instantly. 

Q: Do you feel that you have had to overcome some major hurdles during this process?

Being in the office for only a week then having to work remotely has definitely been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

I was still learning the tricks of the trade, getting to know the team, while also being trained on the various CRM platforms through virtual meetings which were brand new to me.

Q: Has the fact that you spent so little time in the office made you want to get back there quicker?

Although we have worked effectively and efficiently  from home , I’m looking forward to getting back to the office to interact with the team in 3D, bounce ideas off one another and collaborate on business moving forward.

Q: Were there any benefits of having team video calls rather than face to face?

I think the team video calls are going to be important moving forward. No-one has the travel time to a meeting. – its instant communication, it utilizes everyone’s time to become more efficient with the work they have to do.

Face to face interaction is still key when it comes to ‘handshaking moments’  but I think a lot of conversations can be done virtually and employees as well as employers will appreciate the time saved.

Q: Do you feel that being so new into the business and then us all going into lockdown gave you opportunities you might not have otherwise had?

The biggest opportunity that’s come from WFH has been the necessity of developing my IT skills – I’ve had to work across a few different platforms, some of which I’ve never had to use before which has been very eye opening.

Exploring the different tools available I can now implement into my day to day conversations with clients and be more effective in pitches.

Freddie Ward, associate director in the Workthere team

 Q: What did you do to ensure Piers still felt integrated with the team as we went into lockdown?

As a team, we were conscious that Piers has just started so we all wanted to make sure he felt comfortable in his first few weeks / months. Luckily we found some time before lockdown to have a team lunch and we continued our social efforts by having virtual drinks each Friday. These have been great and even some weeks some of the international teams join which has provided the opportunity for Piers to put some faces to names.  

Q: How did you manage the fact that he was learning a new market whilst not being in the office?

Whilst it was only a week, we luckily had a bit of time to sit down with Piers and talk him through the basics. Piers has been very quick to pick up the various skills required and I am now keen that he further develops his knowledge by being involved in as many enquiries as possible and having a good insight into the wider Savills business. The team have also been great in sharing their own experience and assisting with any ongoing training that’s required.

Q: Would you have had the same initiatives in place in terms of teams calls etc if you hadn’t had a new member in the team?

Prior to the lockdown coming into effect we were all sitting down on a daily basis to run through what our individual plans were that day and to share any insight with the team. We would have still had the initiatives in place, but by having Piers join it made them even more important whilst providing an opportunity for the whole team to contribute.

Q: How were you able to ensure Piers continued to enjoy and progressed in his role whilst everyone was separated?

Given Piers was in the office for just over a week prior to lockdown I’ve been hugely impressed with his work ethic and ability to learn within this remote environment. Whilst we have had to adapt our daily roles during this time, I am keen that Piers has as much of an opportunity as possible to use his very strong sales skills to help continually progress his knowledge and experience within the team. In the short time he’s been here he’s made a great start and has even closed a flurry of deals!