Weesperstraat 61-105

Weesperstraat 61-105,  Amsterdam , 1018VN
  • Depuis €175 pp/m
    • Poste de travail non attribué
    • Poste de travail attribué
    • Bureau privatif
  • 1 - 50

This business center has offices and workspaces available at Weesperstraat 61-105 in Amsterdam. This place is very popular thanks to the central location, the stylish workplaces and the close relationship between the various tenants.

Rental prices
This property rents private office spaces with 1 workplace from € 460, - per month, including service costs. For a space with more than 2 workplaces, the price per workplace amounts to € 400 per person per month. Do you only need a workplace? At this location you also have the possibility to rent a flexible workplace (from € 175, - per month) or to rent a fixed desk in a shared space (from € 330 per month).

Social events, wellness area and artisanal fresh coffee
To inspire companies and to bring them into contact with each other, weekly events and workshops are organized in this business center. The themes range from a cheese tasting to a prototyping workshop. In addition, you can relax here in one of the lounges or meditate in the wellness area. Afterwards, you can drink a delicious cup of freshly ground coffee, so that you can work full of energy again.

Location and accessibility
The building is located in the center of Amsterdam and is surrounded by restaurants, shops and leisure facilities. The accessibility is very good here. By foot, you reach the metro stop Weesperplein within 5 minutes, from where you are in three stops at the Central Station. Are you coming by bike? Put it safely away in the bicycle shed of the building.

Do you see yourself soon working at this location at Weesperstraat 61-105 in Amsterdam?
Plan a free visit with us, free of obligation, or ask us about the possibilities at this location.

Espaces disponibles
Poste de travail non attribué
1 - 15
€175 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate
Poste de travail attribué
1 - 15
€330 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate
Bureau privatif
€460 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate
Bureau privatif
€400 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate
Bureau privatif
11 - 50
€390 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate