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Hot Desking Space

Say hello to flexible working and discover a variety of different hotdesking environments for you to take your start-up or freelance operations to the next level.

Why rent a hot desk within a co-working space?

Offering the ultimate flexibility, a hot desk within a co-working space enables you to work when and where you want.

Ideal for individuals or small teams, with a hot desk you can simply enter the workspace and choose an empty desk to work from. This means that you can work in a different spot every day, making hot-desking ideal for networking, collaboration and meeting new people.

Hot desking is a popular option due to its flexibility, particularly with people who only require a desk for a few days a week. Some providers offer memberships that allow you to access their spaces across multiple location within the same city, country, or worldwide. This makes co-working spaces ideal for distributed teams that work across multiple locations.

The Workthere team know how important your office space can be for your business. With an inspirational and flexible office environment, co-working spaces encourage innovation and productivity. Our team will help you find the perfect office space for your team, while negotiating the best possible price on your behalf.

What's included?

Hot desks in Co-working spaces ordinarily come with Wi-Fi, and many buildings offer 24-hour access. As this membership doesn’t come with a permanent desk, you will need to clear your desk at the end of the day. However, many of the providers have on-site lockers which you can use to can lock away any equipment or documents.

Many of the workspaces come with a wide array of amenities, such as, phone booths/quiet rooms, meeting rooms (these are usually bookable for an additional cost) and on-site coffee shops. Some even feature rooftop terraces to enjoy working al fresco or for after work drinks, plus a number of spaces also offer event spaces available for hire.

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