7 Stratford Place

7 Stratford Place,  Marylebone Lane,  London , W1C 1AY
  • von €440 mtl.
    • Separates Büro
    • Coworking mit wechselnden Arbeitsplätzen
  • 1 - 24

Refurbished by Wells Mackereth in 2012, this period Georgian building has two addresses, in turn giving members two choices of entrances when having your office here. The two contrasting buildings from exceptionally dissimilar periods have been combined into the one office building.

Stratford Place offers private office space, co-working space and meeting rooms and is situated opposite Bond Street which is on both the Jubilee and Central lines.

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Separates Büro
4 - 24
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Coworking mit wechselnden Arbeitsplätzen
1 - 10
€440 mtl.
Verfügbar ab sofort