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How can the office save the lunch break?



Once labelled the lunch hour, it seems workers in Britain are taking less time out of their busy schedules to leave the office and enjoy a midday break. Workthere recently commissioned a survey* to find out more, discovering the average workers’ lunch break now lasts just 34 minutes - a significant shift from the traditional 60 minutes.

But who's the most likely to skip their lunch? Workthere found that those working in HR came out on top at 70%, with the Finance sector not far behind at 68%. In third place was the Arts and Culture sector, which saw 62% of employees skipping lunch.  Overall, Londoners seem to skip lunch more than anyone else in the country, closely followed by those in Birmingham, Manchester and Norwich.

 At Workthere, we recognise the importance of a fully-equipped office space tailored to benefit the needs of employees. Having the right facilities can help staff feel comfortable and more productive throughout the day, as well as boosting morale and well-being. In fact, over a third of survey participants felt like an outdoor space would boost their productivity, and 32% were eager for more quiet areas to be added around their office.

Communal areas in the workplace can encourage employees to take a longer lunch break allowing them to relax and converse with colleagues while enjoying a bite to eat. We have already seen examples of companies integrating green space, a subsidised canteen, quiet areas and even lunchtime activities, which are trends we expect to grow and develop as firms continue invest in their staff to attract and retain talent.     


However long you take for your lunch break, make sure you spend some time during your day to unwind and enjoy your food. For more office news, please visit our Workthere blog.

The average worker takes just 34 minutes for their lunch break

*Censuswide polled 2,007 full time workers in Britain on behalf of Workthere in June 2017.