A flight to flexibility

Millennials a generation which spends its time very differently from previous generations and for whom sitting at the same desk every day is by no means taken for granted. The ability to decide personally how to work at the office (a quiet or meeting room) or outside the office (in another city or while away from home) is very attractive to younger people. This is leading to a rising demand for flexible and more varied office spaces.

By 2024, millennials will constitute 75% of the active workforce.

This growing group of office users wants a different type of office. For companies, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. When companies are seeking to attract new talent, the location and type of office space they offer can make all the difference. More and more amenities are becoming part of the office package (pool table, fitness facilities, roof top bar, etc.). Extras, such as networking events, training and brainstorming sessions, are also part of the office package and, of course, the ability to offer extra services is even greater when these are shared with other tenants. This is causing a shift in the user market - from offering as many square metres as possible, to offering workplaces with a unique branding.

We know how important work environment is to business success. The right office space not only fuels productivity but also helps to attract talent and retain employees. We make every effort to find that for clients. Our online platform offers a rock-solid foundation, but it’s the Workthere team that makes the crucial difference. The ideal workplace is different for every organization. It’s about the X factor – a sense of rightness and belonging – and finding that takes human insight. Our real estate experts know the market through and through, know what kinds of spaces are available and how to make the perfect match. We do a thorough search for every client and select only locations that are a genuine good fit for the organization.

This generation wants to use state-of-the-art technology to make buying decisions. We offer them that autonomy with our digital platform, but add a human approach to make that perfect match.

As the world is increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), we believe our job doesn’t end with the signing of the lease. We support organisations in their ongoing development by continually updating the office space based on the phase the organization is in. This way, we make sure the perfect match stays perfect.