Serviced office and co-working flexibility sparks more relaxed attitude to workwear in the corporate world



By Sam Bendel


It seems that the trend around flexible working and more creative workspaces, especially those found in the serviced office and co-working arena, have inspired a more relaxed attitude to the office environment, particularly in terms of dress code with a smart casual approach increasingly being adopted in favour of the traditional corporate suit.

In the spirit of wanting to encourage a more relaxed working environment for staff and visitors, the smart casual dress code is now a permanent fixture in the flexible working space and is also infiltrating its way into corporate firms who are extending ‘dress down Friday’ to an everyday occurrence. Having previously predominantly been associated with more creative firms such as media, comms and tech, we are now seeing a wide range of companies embracing the smart casual approach.


So what has encouraged this change from smart to casual? It seems it is yet another example of the blurring line between home life and work life. With people spending so much time in the office, making it a comfortable place to be is important and part of this is allowing people to dress in a less formal manor. However, in relaxing any dress code or adapting a more casual approach, it is important to retain the culture of a company, the corporate attitude of a business and the expectations of clients.

The actual office design is also a key influencer in how the staff within it dress. Many serviced offices, and indeed corporate businesses are looking to establish a more creative environment that feels less restrictive and regimented in order to allow ideas to flow and staff to think outside the box. It is therefore unsurprising that the dress code for these offices will adapt to suit the surroundings with corporate suits becoming less common in modern, creative workspaces.

It is clear that, while there will always be a place for a more formal work wear, the office dress code is inevitably evolving in the same direction as the overall sector. The office of today has something for everyone with less of a ‘one size fits all’ focus, a trend that has influenced people’s take on what they wear to work.


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