Competition reveals the UK's top office dogs



It’s been proven that being around dogs helps lower our stress levels and blood pressure, and generally make us happier and healthier people. So with that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that over a quarter (28%) of UK workers say they would be more attracted to a workplace that allowed dogs, and around one in four (24%) believe it improves their workplace productivity, according the our new research.

With employers increasingly looking to make workplace wellness and productivity their number one priority, more and more businesses are allowing dogs a seat at the boardroom table.

As part of this research, we launched a competition to find the nation’s top office dog in November and can now announce the winner of a hamper full of goodies from Aniforte: Morag, the resident office dog at Northern Monk Brew Co in Leeds.


Morag, doing a tour of the brewery

Here are our other favourite professional pooches:

Our first runner up is the adorable Zana, on the hunt for a new office space!



'How do you intend to fit my walk in with this diary planning of yours?'



The cutest member of staff...



Ted, the Lhasa Apso, can often be mistaken for an ewok. Here he is last year's halloween costume to cheer up the office.



'I love treats almost as much as I love PR!'



Below is the Live and Learn Consultancy's office dog, Poppy, aka the team motivator!



Rio, taking a well earned rest under his desk.



Fergus and Alfie, patiently waiting for their lunchbreak...



Serene, dressed to impress for the Office Christmas party.