Ho Chi Minh (HCMC)

Ho Chi Minh City is located in the south-eastern region of Vietnam, 1,760 km south of Hanoi. It is the second largest city by area and the largest city by population. It is a vibrant and lively city that is a popular destination for any business.

4 reasons to rent an office in Ho Chi Minh:

  1. The largest tourist centre in the country, attracting 70% of international visitors to Vietnam.
  2. Known as the financial hub for Vietnam
  3. A new metro system will be opening in 2020 that will see significant improvements to transport across the city and reduce the current high levels of traffic in rush hour.
  4. The city has a massive 3.2 million skilled workers

District One

What does this area of Ho Chi Minh have to offer?

District 1 is the financial and commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City. It is an upbeat and lively area, no matter the time of day or night. The area was primarily designed by the French, which explains the wide, tree-lined boulevards and leafy parklands. This area is home to most of the major landmark sights and a continually expanding number of bars and restaurants. It is also known as the best spot for shopping in Vietnam, with a high concentration of shopping centers and luxury brands. Many five star hotels are scattered throughout District 1 making it a prime spot for tourists. 

Which business sectors does this area attract?

District 1 contains the city's administrative offices, all foreign consulates, and has a large number of Grade A office towers. It is also home to a number of start-ups, as well as large global businesses.

District Three

What does this area have to offer?

District three is full of cultural heritage and architecture, with ancient villas residing amongst modern buildings. Additionally this area acts as a main intersection within the city, as it connects the administrative centre to Ho Chi Minh airport. This is a prime business location, as it is still very much in the centre of Ho Chi Minh, but offering slightly cheaper rents than District one.


There is plenty to do in this area with numerous coffee shops and boutique shops, perfect for a morning coffee or lunchtime stroll around the shops. 

District 2 and 7

Which business sectors do these districts attract?

District 7 is connected to District 2 by the Phu My Bridge, which opened in September 2009. The Saigon River covers the east with a specialized ports system, which transports merchandise to nearby, making it convenient for logistic and industrial businesses with the acceptable rental and supporting living facilities around.

What do these districts have to offer?

District 2 is as a great spot for businesses looking to be away from the hustle and bustle. Just 10km from from the city centre, the area is undergoing significant redevelopment by the Vietnamese government and as a result is becoming an increasingly popular residential area with a new series of new high quality urban apartments being built. District 2 is also particularly popular with expats and has a large number of international schools, restaurants and shops in the area. 

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