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Located in eastern Massachusetts and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Boston is one of the oldest cities in America. In addition to the rich history, the city now serves as a regional hub for the much larger Greater Boston Area. The city is known for global leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship thanks to its coveted universities. If you are looking for an office space solution in the Boston area, our experts here at Workthere can help.

The Key Features for Business in Boston:

  1. A higher education hub, Boston has some of the world’s best universities, which has a tremendous impact on the ability of companies to recruit young talent in the local region. This steady stream of college graduates brings youth and consistency to Boston’s workforce for small and large businesses alike.
  2. Technology and Innovation are at the forefront of Boston’s business environment. With supportive local government and an incubator of technology focused employees, Boston is a renowned location for this evolving sector.
  3. Culture and Entertainment are in abundance throughout the city of Boston and the surrounding metropolitan area. From historic locations like Faneuil Hall and the Boston Common, to the New England Aquarium and Museum of Science, in addition to Fenway Park and the Boston Garden, Boston has something for everyone.
  4. The city offers connectivity through strong infrastructure, with metro, bus, trolley car and ferry services to the surrounding region. These lines of transportation facilitate an opportunity for Boston’s workforce to commute from a variety of locations. With Logan International Airport, Boston also has convenient access to a strong list of domestic and international cities.
  5. Boston offers a great quality of life. Known as one of the healthiest cities in America, Boston is home to world class medical facilities and healthcare industry leaders. With great healthcare, access to parks and trails, accompanied by a strong residential real estate market, Boston is a good to call home.

South Boston

Located southeast of the Fort Point Channel and next to Dorchester Bay, South Boston is known as a hot spot for the millennial population. Several parks like the Joe Moakley Park or the Marine Park add additional value, which makes South Boston’s real estate market one of the most expensive in the city. Rowhouses, within walking distance to the waterfront, line the streets of this neighborhood. Additionally, South Boston hosts one of the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day Parades every year.

South Boston, also known as “Southie”, is a prime location for millennials to live. Access to various parks, bars, and a beautiful waterfront make “Southie” a very desirable place to live for the younger population. There is no shortage of post-work/weekend activities in Southie. Various restaurants, taverns, breweries, music venues and parks, such as Joe Moakley Park, the Marine Park and many others, offer a plethora of ways to spend one’s free time.

The area is home to two MBTA red line metro stations: Broadway and Andrew. From the metro stations, residents can continue travelling by residential bus lines such as 5, 7, 9, 10, 11. The MBTA silver line connects Southie with the relatively bigger “South Boston” station and Boston Logan International Airport.


Located in the heart of Boston, the central business district is surrounded by the Charles River and Back Bay, South End and South Boston. The area, which hosts Emerson College, includes the Government Center, North End and the Financial District. The CBD is home to city hall and several corporate/regional headquarters, condos and apartments, and some of Boston’s most famous tourist attractions, including the historic Freedom Trail and Faneuil Hall.

This area is a prime location for financial institutions, as it contains Exchange Place and the headquarters of the mutual fund companies Fidelity Investments and Putnam Investments and hubs for big financial institutions such as UBS, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and others. Additionally, big law firms and other corporations call downtown home.

Downtown is home to the South Station, a transportation hub that contains the train system, commuter rails, intercity buses and Amtrak services. All four MBTA train lines converge downtown at the stations: Downtown Crossing, Park Street, Government Center, and State Station.

Back Bay

This area is located northwest of Boston right below the CBD. Back Bay’s waterfront overlooks the Charles River on the north side of Boston. Back Bay is a historical neighborhood, with the Massachusetts State House residing on Beacon Hill. The residential part of Back Bay, known as one of the most desired and expensive areas, is shaped by federal-style brick houses, the Boston Public Library and the Boston Public Garden, which is a beautiful public park in the heart of Boston. Besides being a beautiful residential area, Back Bay serves as a hub for a variety of large companies who prefer the area over the CBD.

This area is a prime location for both residential housing and commercial properties. It’s most famous for its rows of Victorian brownstone homes and for the tallest skyscraper in Boston, the John Hancock Tower. Shopping centers like the Prudential Center and Copley Place malls add additional value to Back Bay. Besides downtown, Back Bay is a hotspot for office space, as the area combines business and residential housing. This healthy mix of office buildings and residential areas brings a live/work/play atmosphere to Boston.

This neighborhood is highly connected to other parts of Boston through the Red, Green and Blue T-lines, as well as the MBTA Bus, commuter rail and ferry services. T-stations include Park Street, Bowdoin, Charles, Prudential Station, Back Bay, Copley and the Hynes Convention Center station.

West End

Located west of downtown Boston, the West End is home to Massachusetts General Hospital, North Station, Museum of Science and TD Garden. Once a residential neighborhood of primarily Jewish, Italian, & Irish immigrants, the West End has been redeveloped into a commercial district home to an array of businesses and organizations.

North Station is a major transportation hub within Boston for trains that run locally, but nationally as well through Amtrak.  TD Garden, in the northeast portion of the neighborhood, is home to the Boston Celtics of the NBA and the Boston Bruins of the NHL in addition to concerts, shows, and other events.

South End

Located below downtown, between Back Bay and South Boston, South End is known for its eleven beautiful residential parks and its Victorian Style houses. This neighborhood is characterized by its fine dining, art galleries and open market. South End is a must destination when exploring Boston. The neighborhood is served by multiple local MBTA bus routes and close to bigger MBTA T-stops in Back Bay or South Boston. These routes are route 43, running on Tremont Street, and routes 1 and CT1, running on Massachusetts Avenue.

This area is more residential, as South End is home to many diverse groups, including millennials, young families, the LGBTQ community and immigrants. Public parks, Victorian houses and a very diverse community make South End a special neighborhood and makes this area stand out.

Thanks to its diversity, South End is very popular for its entertainment with many cool bars, art galleries and boutiques. “Restaurant Street” or Tremont Street is filled with various restaurants that serve delicious food from all over the world. 

Fenway – Kenmore Square

Fenway – Kenmore is located west of Back Bay and South End, while the Charles River serves as Fenway’s northern border. Fenway’s population is close to 40,000 and its area covers 1.2 square miles. Fenway is home of the Boston Red Sox, whose ballpark, Fenway Park, is the oldest in the MLB with a seating capacity of more than 37,000 people. The mostly residential area is much more than just baseball and its famous Citgo sign, as it is shaped by fast-casual chains, cafes, shops, and restaurants.

The Boston Red Sox have been playing in Fenway Park since 1912. The ballpark attracts fans from all over the world, allowing a diverse group of people to spend time in this beautiful neighborhood. Since 1912 the ballpark has been a major economic driver for the area, from an office, multifamily and retail standpoint

The MBTA Orange and Green line pass through Fenway – Kenmore with stops at Kenmore, Fenway, St. Mary’s Street, Symphony, Northeastern and Museum of fine arts. If you are looking to get to Fenway Park the nearest T-station will be Lansdowne, which is served by all trains on the line.


The oldest neighborhood in Boston resides on a peninsula north of the Charles River, across from downtown Boston. Charlestown is steeped in revolutionary war history, as it served as a meeting and battleground for historical figures. Nowadays people walk along the freedom trail in Charlestown while overlooking the Charles River and Boston skyline. The neighborhood is shaped by its old-world atmosphere and its laid-brick charm. If you desire to live in an old-world house across from downtown Boston, then Charlestown may be the best place for you.

Demographics in this area are characterized by young professionals (Charlestown Townies) and young families. This neighborhood is relatively cheap when compared to similar style neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill or Back Bay. The MBTA Orange connects Charlestown with downtown Boston and other areas. Additionally, two bus lines ravel from the financial district to Charlestown and ferry services connect the neighborhood, with other areas in the city. 

East Boston

East Boston is located northeast of downtown and separated from Boston’s core by the Boston Harbor, but highly connected through the Callahan Tunnel. East Boston is mostly known for the Boston Logan International Airport (48th largest in the world) which connects Boston with the rest of the US and the world. However, East Boston is much more than just an airport, as it has beautiful residential housing for younger professionals while offering a vacation feeling with Constitution Beach, located north of the airport, and six different community gardens. East Boston has seen rapid gentrification as we experience reasonable rental rates in combination with fast accessibility to downtown areas.

The T tunnel connecting downtown and East Boston was built in 1904. The MBTA Blue line makes East Boston very accessible from downtown Boston. MBTA stops include Maverick, Airport, Wood Island, Orient Heights, and Suffolk Downs. Additionally, free shuttle buses operate between the MBTA Airport stop, Rental Car Center and the Airport itself.


Located directly north of Boston across the Charles River, resides Cambridge, a city named in honor of the University of Cambridge in England. Cambridge is part of the metropolitan area as its conveniently close to downtown Boston. This city is known for its university culture as two of the world’s best universities, Harvard and MIT, both call Cambridge home. This is having a tremendous impact on the ability of companies in the area to recruit young talent. Besides universities and some office intensive buildings, the city features various museums and a large collection of public art on city property and college campuses.

This area is a prime location to live and work for young students as Cambridge offers the world’s best universities as well as access to downtown Boston where the world’s largest corporations come together. Cambridge’s food is to be considered one of the best in the Greater Boston Area thanks to its liberal college roots. In addition to great food, Cambridge’s nightlife offers live music, college bars and much more.

The city is served by MBTA’s Red, Green and commuter rail lines which stop at Port Square, Lechmere and Alewife stations. In addition to its train system, Cambridge has various bike paths including one along the Charles River.

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