While well-known for its history, beauty and outstanding university, Cambridge also packs a pretty impressive punch when it comes to business. Not only is this city leading for its stance in the technology and science industries, it’s cultured, well-equipped and ready for advancement. Cambridge not only has the beauty, but the brains to back it up.

5 reasons to rent an office in Cambridge:

  1. The UK leader and a global expert in the life science and technology sectors
  2. Well known for its contributions to technology, research and development, as well as pharmaceuticals
  3. Considered the UK’s key area for inventors
  4. One of the world’s best universities is based here
  5. 1,500 tech companies are based here, including big names such as Microsoft and Apple, making Cambridge leagues above the rest in this sector

City Center

Which business sectors does this area attract?

Cambridge city center is very popular with life-science and technology companies. Businesses here are close together, making it an ideal location to share knowledge, work together and settle in amongst like-minded networks.

While traditionally the very center of Cambridge has been home to professional service companies, recent times have attracted more tech firms to the area, with brands such as Microsoft, Apple and Spotify settling here.

Transport Links

Transport in and out of the center is fairly accessible, however the city’s layout makes it ideally suited to bicycles. It’s one of the most popular cities for cycling in the UK, with busy streets and flat ground making this a simpler way to get from A to B.

The main train station is within walking distance from the center, with the M11 road for travelling to London, as well as the West Anglia Main Line railway to the capital (taking just 45 minutes).


The city center provides plenty of opportunity for socialising, too. It’s characterful, green, and has a range of dining options that are great for many occasions, including client meetings or post-work drinks, as well as having a strong real ale scene. Popular haunts for relaxing after work include The Pint Shop, The Mill and The Cambridge Blue. Alternatively, the array of parks offer places to socialize or simply enjoy a quiet, peaceful lunch.

Cambridge city center also provides plenty of opportunities for team-building activities. The river is well known for punting, and the summer season sees a vibrant music scene come to life.

North Cambridge

Which business sector does this area attract?

North Cambridge is a popular area for new businesses. It’s a primary location for those in the research and development sectors, and thanks to the size and number of science and technology parks in this area, the choices for flexible working spaces are great.

Cambridge Science Park, St John’s Innovation Park and the Cambridge Business Park are all located to the north of the center, helping create its stance as world-leading for R&D.

North Cambridge gives you access to excellent facilities. Here, you’ll be among start-ups, established science and technology companies as well as the option to be a part of the oldest science park in the UK.

Transport Links

This part of the city is accessible by bus or train, as well as having the M11 road to London and the A14 east-west road within easy reach too. A new train station is also currently under construction at Chesterton, planned to be ready for use in 2017.


There are also numerous options for socialising in this part of Cambridge. While the area is not as abundant with shops and bars as the center is, venues such as The Haymakers provide a space to relax, meet with clients or simply grab a coffee.

South Cambridge

Which business sectors does this area attract?

South of the city is home to businesses from the medical, biopharmaceutical and research industries. It’s a popular location for start-ups and small companies that are in need of lab space, as well as a flexible working environment.

While the main area of Cambridge for these types of industries was once to the north of the cente, the past decade has seen companies make the move to locations in the south, such as the Addenbrookes Biomed Campus, Chesterford Research Park, Granta Park, Wellcome Trust and Babraham.

Transport Links

Accessing the south of Cambridge by road is easy. The M11 and A14 east-west road service it, as well as having a guided bus that travels between the train station, the biomedical campus and Trumpington.

Business aside, south Cambridge has an abundance of green open space to be enjoyed.


There’s a country park in Great Kneighton that boasts around 120 acres - perfect for a lunchtime break, a summer afternoon spent working out of doors or even a pre-work run.

Cambridge certainly has plenty to offer new start-ups and small businesses. It's well-connected and features some of the best facilities for research and development found anywhere in the UK.

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