Oxford business Park

7200 The Quorum,  Oxford Business Park North,  Oxford , OX4 2JZ
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Situated in the most modern and important business district of Oxford, it is just 40min away from London by car. Under the atmosphere of the business district, the most remarkable sectors operating in it are the electronics, engineering, telecommunications and governmental sectors. The high numbers of companies and headquarters have brought plenty of amenities to this zone. 

All INCLUSIVE space includes:

Mail handling, access to admin support, kitchen, all utilities and cleaning, Business Lounge, access to printer, scanner & copier, receptionist, office furniture, access to Meeting rooms, business grade internet and WiFi. The price is indicative and subject to availability.

Espaces disponibles
Bureau privatif
1 - 50
€269 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate
Poste de travail attribué
1 - 100
€259 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate