Broad Quay House

Broad Quay House,  Prince Street,  Bristol , BS1 4DJ
  • Depuis €224 pp/m
    • Bureau privatif
    • Poste de travail attribué
  • 1 - 100

The Bristol’s waterfront in the heart of the city is the home of this business centre. It occupies a very visible position in the city, just few meters from Queen Square, and also its views of the city are remarkable. The traditional wharf architecture from the outsides of the building contrasts with the state-of-the-art interior design, aligned with the design of the current businesses centres. Bristol is a cosmopolitan city with one of the highest index of competitiveness and productive economy, outside of London. Despite of the nautical past of the city, nowadays the city is better known for its excellence in knowledge-intensive and creative industries, specially defence, aerospace and information technology.
The centre offers many different services such as day offices, business lounges and disabled facilities. It is also organized along different working spaces that include from reserved co-working spaces, to private offices that can hold from 1 person up to 6 or more people, if a more tailored working space is requested.

Espaces disponibles
Bureau privatif
1 - 50
€320 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate
Poste de travail attribué
1 - 100
€224 pp/m
Disponible à partir de immédiate