Up close: A few exciting office spaces



Whether it’s having nap pods, a staff bar or simply an incredible view, what’s considered a requirement in an office space is rapidly changing. Here we take a look at what we think are some of the most innovative and exciting office spaces out there.


Featuring an incredible view, armchair meeting rooms, nature and even a slide instead of stairs, Google just had to be on the list of exciting office spaces. This insight from Bored Panda shows innovatively designed meeting rooms, desk pods and even a high level gym looking out over the city.

The office space not only sets up a great environment for productivity and collaboration, but also highlights Google's fun side too, featuring a stage, basketball court and plenty of other awesome things for the company's workers to get stuck into.

Ogilvy & Mather

Advertising agencies tend to have a bit of a reputation for creative office space, and that also includes the Indonesian offices of Ogilvy & Mather.

Business Insider looks into the company's office space in this article, showing the agency's innovative design and great use of space, having created a space for meetings alongside practical installations such as staircases. On closer inspection, you’ll also see Ogilvy & Mather has built a slide alongside the staircase.

The designer of the space comments in this article on how the company required its office to be a calming space, that’s as focused as possible on creating a stress-free environment for staff members.

Selgas Cano Architecture

An architecture company in Spain that demonstrates its skills upon first look of the office - Emlii gives an insight into the company’s office set up, showing its floor to mid-ceiling windows complete with a beautiful woodland view.

The leafy setting creates a calming space for work, while half of the office is featured underground, adding to the excitement of the space.

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