Dublin 1H19 flexible office market snapshot



Our latest flexible office market research in Dublin found that desks prices are down but new businesses and overseas demand to support flexible office growth. It also revealed that the average number of desks required per enquiry nearly doubled quarter-on-quarter, from 12 to 19 desks. Significant growth in the flexible office market, and the maturity of the infrastructure, has enabled providers to cater for larger occupiers, increasing demand for larger space.

The lead time between enquiries and desired move date increased to 77 days, which is significantly higher than the long-term average of 49 days. With Brexit fast approaching and uncertainty sky high, occupiers are being far more cautious and delaying decisions. In addition, we have seen a number of UK-based businesses taking their time assessing the Irish market, to see if it could work as a feasible alternative.

Read our full market snapshot here.