How the Irish flexible office market differs from the UK market



As part of our What Coworkers Want study, we surveyed nearly 2,000 workers based in flexible offices across Europe and looked at the differences between flexible office workers based in Ireland and the UK.

Flexible office workers in Ireland are more likely to prefer flexible offices, with 56% choosing this type of office as their workspace compared to 41% in the UK. However, workers in both countries are equally likely to be happy with their current flexible office. Those based in Ireland are much more likely to want to work in a business park, with 18% choosing this as their preferred location, compared to only 8% in the UK.


In Ireland, flexible office workers are more likely to spend time away from their desks during lunchtime. 31% have lunch at their workspace, which is significantly lower than the 42% in the UK. Flexible office workers based in Ireland tend to have longer commuting times. In addition, views on hot desking differ hugely, with 36% of workers in the UK thinking that hot desking improves their productivity, compared to only 14% in the UK.

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