Sustainable spaces: workspaces across London going the extra mile



Particularly over the last couple of years we have seen a significant push for improved sustainability across all industries, including the office sector. As a result we have a greater focus from flexible office providers to prioritise sustainability within their spaces, not just covering the basics such as recycling, but also looking at energy sources and meeting criteria from sustainability focused certifications, such as BREEAM and WELL. Not only are flexible office providers looking to improve the sustainability of their offerings, but businesses looking to occupy these spaces are becoming more discerning about where they work and ensuring it is in a sustainability conscious environment is a priority. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some of the flexible workspaces across London that are going above and beyond to offer sustainable spaces.

Second Home

Second Home has a portfolio of four workspaces across London all of which are in re-used buildings to limit the carbon footprint that comes with building from scratch. One of the most unique features of the Holland Park workspace is the ‘bubble roof’, which inflates and contracts to adjust the temperature and light filtration. This innovative design reduces the need for energy intensive heating and cooling. Within all of their London spaces, you’ll find La Despensa cafes, where the regularly changing menu is created seasonably and the produce is sustainably sourced from farm to table.

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Launched in 2017, x+why has a strong remit when it comes to sustainability. This workspace has a BREEAM excellent rating of 70% and is working towards 13 of the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals. 80% of the furniture is sustainably resourced and their taps feature water restrictors to help reduce usage. Photovoltaic panels on the roof at their People’s Mission Hall space provide an onsite sustainable energy source to power lighting and remaining energy needs are from 100% renewable sources.

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Fora is another primarily London based provider, with other locations in Leeds and Reading. Fora is striving to be net zero carbon by 2030 and has a range of sustainability initiatives and facilities in the spaces. The buildings use 100% renewable energy and everything is recycled from food to batteries. Single-use plastic has also been reduced and Fora works with Trees for Cities to plant thousands of urban trees each year. From a transportation perspective, cycling facilities are offered and discounted cycle hire is offered with Brompton Bike to encourage more sustainable commuting options.

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Paddington Works

Paddington Works is a relative newcomer to the flexible office industry, and provides a number of sustainability-focused initiatives. The space is carbon neutral using 100% certified renewable electricity supplied by Good Energy UK. Smart lighting has been implemented into the space that moves with the human circadian rhythm (otherwise known as the body clock) to help members maintain productivity and focus for longer. The workspace is equipped for members with electric cars, with car parking spaces available that have access to electric charging ports. Paddington Works has even created a vertical farm on-site, growing ingredients like chilli peppers, which members and visitors can take home.

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Workingfrom_ offers flexible workspace from the Southwark based hotel; The Hoxton. In terms of reducing energy for heating the building, there are nine Heat Recovery Units and to reduce energy for heating water there are two Plate Heat Exchangers. The 12th floor of the building is also equipped with an impressive 69 solar panels. Sustainability efforts also spread to aspects like food, with the Hoxton being part of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and 50% of the hotel dishes are either vegetarian or vegan. They have also removed straws and plastic water bottles from the business and any recycling and waste disposal is done via Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF).

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