Various sectors, including the flexible office market, are facing a hefty sustainability challenge. As of 1 January 2023, office buildings in the Netherlands must comply with the energy label C requirement, meaning that those that currently do not will need to make significant changes ahead of this deadline.

The demand for a sustainable working environment is therefore increasingly on the agenda for landlords and occupiers alike and the Workthere team has found that to be particularly the case with flexible office spaces. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most flexible office spaces in Amsterdam.

Take a look at our top 5 sustainable spaces below:

1. NoMa House - BREEAM Outstanding & EPC label A++++

On the corner of Parnassusweg and Gustav Mahlerlaan an elegant and timeless office building has emerged: NoMa House. This state-of-the-art office building is one of the most sustainable office buildings in the Netherlands.

For example, the office is heated sustainably from the heating grid and solar cells have been installed on the roofs to generate sustainable electricity. In addition, LED lighting, presence detection and daylight control further reduce energy consumption. In addition to meeting the high sustainability requirements, this office has numerous facilities to stimulate cooperation and collaboration between organisations.

2. EDGE Olympic - BREEAM Excellent & EPC label A++

Opened in 2018, the building offers a healthy and pleasant working environment for its users. The indoor climate is optimal because a number of different aspects such as air, light, thermal comfort and sound have been taken into account.

Occupiers can adjust the rooms to their personal preferences with an app. For example to open doors, book lockers or meeting rooms.

3. The New Atrium - BREEAM Excellent & EPC label A++

The new atrium is a truly eye-catching building situated in the Zuidas where occupiers can enjoy an enormous amount of natural light and luxurious office spaces.

The motion sensors are used to control lighting and automate the operation of other connected devices. This allows tenants to easily navigate through the building. In addition, the roof is completely covered with solar panels, providing a sustainable supply of energy throughout the building.

4. The Cloud - BREEAM Very Good & EPC label A++

The Cloud is a high-quality office building that meets high standards of sustainability and comfort. The office design places occupiers at the forefront with its community-led design, which encourages collaboration. In addition, the former courtyard has been transformed into a vibrant atrium where

people can meet each other. In short, this office has been designed to help you excel at work and allows you to get to know other office users.

5. UP Office Building - BREAAM Very Good & EPC label A

Looking for energy-efficient office space near Amsterdam Central Station? Then the UP Office Building is for you. The building is equipped with a climate control system, and a thermal storage system and the light is activated by sensors and automatically corrects the amount of daylight. Moreover, during the lunch break, you can enjoy healthy food prepared by the UP chef using local products.

Numerous studies have shown that office design affects the health, well-being and productivity of its users. The importance of a healthy office that meets wellbeing and productivity requirements has been a hot topic, especially since the corona pandemic, and for good reason. A happy and healthy workforce is essential for any successful business.

If you are inspired by this article and would like to visit one of these sustainable office locations, get in touch with the Dutch Workthere team who would be happy to help!