Koffiebar steeds minder in trek als werkplek bij zzp'er Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van ZZP Barometer onder 1.557 ondervraagden in samenwerking met Workthere.
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Coffee shops no longer a preferred workplace among self-employed workers



Flexible office space emerging as preferred workspace

The coffee shop will regain its original function as self-employed workers no longer opt to use public space as their office. Only 0.6% of self-employed workers prefer to work in a public workspace, like a coffee shop, with the majority preferring a more businesslike environment, such as co-working space (13.9%) or serviced office space (15%). Nearly a quarter of self-employed workers prefer office space provided by their client (24.3%) or working from home (41%). This is demonstrated by a survey held among 1,557 self-employed workers, initiated by ZZP Barometer in collaboration with Workthere.

Nearly three-quarters of self-employed workers are interested in flexible workplaces
72.8% of the respondents indicate that they are interested in a flexible workplace with the remaining 27.2% specifying that they work elsewhere and have no interest in renting a workplace. If the flexible office is provided with additional services, the respondents are willing to pay for it. -15% agreed that they are prepared to pay up to 100 euros per month, 24.9% find 100-200 euros per month a reasonable amount, 16.2% are willing to pay 200-500 euros per month and a small group of 2.9% would spend over 500 euros per month on their office space.

Important features and services
In the search for a suitable workplace, self-employed workers attach most importance to the location of their office space (37%). Subsequently, the concept (17.9%) and the price (17.3%) are considered most important factors and finally one eighth of the respondents value the flexibility of the lease agreement most.

Sander van den Engel, Head of Workthere Netherlands, explains: "These results confirm the added value of an online platform such as Workthere, where visitors are able to compare serviced office spaces on location, concept and price.”

The quality of internet connection is absolutely essential to self-employed workers. No less than 76.3% indicate that this is a major incentive when selecting a workplace. Despite the fact that the coffee shop is no longer popular as a workplace, respondents do value good coffee. Coffee ranks second most important when it comes to selecting a workplace (52.6%). High quality catering is also appreciated (28.3%).

Self-employed workers care about the environment
The majority (53.2%) of the respondents indicated that they find it important that their workplace is sustainable. This can be expressed by the presence of, for example, separate waste bins. Nearly a third (30.6%) indicates that they are neutral and only 16.2% indicate sustainability is unimportant for them.

About the survey

ZZP Barometer is the information source for self-employed workers in the Netherlands with its own, structural and independent research about the most important freelance-topics. The research consists of fixed monitoring questions and varying theme questions. The results in this infographic were developed on the basis of an online survey among a representative sample of 1,557 self-employed workers in the Netherlands and are intended to provide more information, knowledge and transparency for the almost 1.2 million self-employed workers of the Netherlands (KvK, April 2018).

The research results are visualised in an infographic.