Workthere returns to the office



As workplaces begin to reopen our office space consultant, Sam Bendel, gives a run down on his return to Workthere’s office, based within Savills HQ in London’s West End…

Lockdown was a big mix of emotions for me, I was lucky enough to escape London before it officially begun and spend the time with my family, which is not something I get to do very often. On the other hand I missed my usual busy life/routine and being able to socialise with people face to face, I particularly miss going to the gym, eating in restaurants and finding new food markets.

When our office at Margaret Street reopened, I put my name down on the rota system. I didn’t feel nervous about coming back, I was looking forward to seeing faces I had not seen for 10+ weeks and  couldn’t wait to catch up with people in person. It almost felt like the first day back at school! I was also very excited to be reunited with my office chair, my stiff wooden kitchen chairs were not quite cutting it towards the end!

My first day back on 8th June certainly felt much quieter than when I was last here, with a reduced workforce in, but lots of smiling friendly faces. It was great to have a proper catch up with my boss Cal and see people from other teams, hearing about everyone’s different experiences and how their business is managing during this period. We had our usual morning teams call with the slight difference of Cal and I sat at either end of a meeting room table instead of plugged into out laptops in separate locations.

My first day workwise consisted of phoning clients and office providers, to tell them I am back in the office, sending a positive message that things are slowly getting back to normal. What was great to hear is that a lot of our clients are now starting to make more decisions, are looking to view more spaces and think about their new workplace strategy.

Despite reduced numbers in the office there is still a lovely atmosphere where people are able to collaborate (socially distanced of course). There is great energy from those in the office, I feel everyone is excited to get back to normal as soon as possible.

I don’t live far from the office so for me it was a great run all the way down the river through Green Park to get to work. When the sun is out early in the morning, it’s a great way to get set up for the day and with the added bonus of all the streets and roads being much quieter at the moment.

It is hard for me to put into words how much I have enjoyed being back and how much more productive it has made me. It will also allow other people to figure out other ways of commuting instead of a tube and get some exercise in early doors! Savills facilities team have put some fantastic work in to make sure the office is safe for us to come back to and with the one way systems, amongst other initiatives, in place you feel very safe here.