Potsdamer Str. 188

Potsdamer Str. 188,  Berlin , 10783
  • von €199 mtl.
    • Coworking mit festem Arbeitsplatz
    • Separates Büro
  • 1 - 18

This brand rent24 offices are an astonishing 1.800 square meters. 

Located on 4 floors, in the centre of Berlin Schöneberg, this space offers a stylish coworking environment, along with private offices, event space, meeting rooms and lounge areas to meet and connect with like-minded people. 

The surrounding areas are packed with amenities such as bars, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets.

To take your mind of a stressful workday, rent24 provides you with an activity area where you will find table tennis, table soccer and a PlayStation, perfect to unwind and get to know your fellow coworkers.

Various weekly networking events give you the chance to get together with other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas.

Join the new rent24 coworking space and become a part of their family. 

Verfügbare Objekte
Coworking mit festem Arbeitsplatz
1 - 15
€199 mtl.
Verfügbar ab sofort
Separates Büro
€450 mtl.
Verfügbar ab sofort
Separates Büro
€350 mtl.
Verfügbar ab sofort