Co-Working Hot Desk

While the nine-to-five lifestyle still works for some, many modern-day workers seek more freedom when it comes to their workspace. This is where hot desking comes in - an attractive co-working option for freelancers, start-ups and even established businesses, which continues to grow in popularity year by year.

Say goodbye to one location restrictive hours and expensive rent, and hello to flexible working.

Keep on reading to find out more about hot-desking, or get in touch with a Workthere expert to book a hot desk today.

What is hot-desking?

If you decide to hot desk within a co-working environment, you won't have a permanent set-up in an office to call your own. Instead, you'll enter your place of work every day, which can even be different day to day, and choose a free desk to work from - one day you could be sitting next to a new start-up, and the next you might find yourself conversing with a freelancer.

The phrase ‘co-working’ often covers a variety of office types and can sometimes be confusing, but generally it refers to a shared space with other companies.

Co-working offers both fixed-desks and hot-desks. With a hot-desk you get the advantage of not necessarily being building specific. There are many providers with 30+ locations and with a hot-desk membership you can access any of their buildings wherever they might be, handy for freelancers often on the move.

What about fixed desk co-working?

Fixed desk co-working offers freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs a more permanent option.

Instead of walking into your workspace and grabbing a free desk, you'll have your very own desk within a co-working space. Even when you're not in the building, this desk will remain yours so you can personalise it, take advantage of built-in storage and enjoy working from the same spot every day.

To learn more about renting a fixed desk through Workthere, take a look at our fixed desk co-working guide.

What does co-working hot-desking look like through Workthere?

Hot desking is available all over the world, and it has proven to be particularly successful in cities across the globe where there are a high number of start-ups and freelancers.

Through Workthere, both individual hot desks and multiple co-working desks can be booked.

How much does hot-desking cost?

There's no need to pay sky-high prices in order to rent a desirable workspace in a major city - thanks to hot-desking, finding a professional working environment in a convenient location is easier, and cheaper, than ever.

Through Workthere, hot desks in London can start from as little as £75 per person, per month for 20 hours of lounge membership. Average prices are generally between £250 and £400 per month depending on location and amenities.

For freelancers, hot desking is significantly cheaper than renting a private office. Instead of paying for rent all year round regardless of when you use it, you'll only be paying for a desk when you actually need it. It’s also represents a more sociable option than working from home.

Why use hot-desking?

Hot-desking isn't just beneficial for freelancers, it can be a cost-effective and innovative alternative to renting a traditional office space for small businesses too.

Space to grow

For start-ups and small businesses, hot-desking makes growth much simpler. Hot desks allow multiple employees to work from the same place at different times - great for part-time workers - and it's easy to add or reduce desks in a co-working space to meet your business's demands.

With no long-term contract tying you down, there's no need to rent out a space that's much too large in fear of running out of desks by the end of the year. Simply find a co-working space with the hot desks you need, and enjoy the freedom of being able to expand, downsize or even move to a brand-new location at a moment's notice. Just agree on an end date for your current space then move on to the next one without having to worry about early contract termination costs!

Cut down costs

Co-working hot-desking is the cheapest form of office space and notoriously cheaper than renting a regular office. All the essential facilitates and amenities required to run an office, like electric,Wi-Fi and separate meeting areas, are included with the membership fee and you'll only end up paying for the space you really need.

Shared with other freelancers, businesses and start-ups, running costs are instantly reduced per person - which is reflected by the lower membership cost. For individuals, hot-desking can make working in the heart of the city a feasible and affordable option, while larger businesses can benefit from hot-desking by reducing the number of desks required - with fluid working hours, not every employee will need a desk at the same time. 

Meet great people

It is a great alternative to working from home. You'll join a community of creative, like-minded people when you choose to rent a co-working space. The nature of hot-desking, however, means you'll meet even more new faces on a regular basis - as you change seats every day you'll find yourself sitting next to all kinds of people, from freelance writers and videographers to entire teams from small businesses. 

Hot desking is a brilliant way to network and make new connections with others in your industry. You might even end up collaborating on projects with the people who you meet in your shared workspace.

Fun for all

There's still office fun to be had, even when you choose to hot desk! When you select a place to work, you'll find much more than just an open space filled with desks - many flexible co-working spaces have breakout areas, fully-fitted kitchens, gyms and plenty of social events running throughout the year.

Where can you find hot-desking locations?

Grab a hot desk wherever you are, be it in London, Newcastle or Edinburgh, with Workthere. You can find available hot desks in some of the most sought-after cities around the UK and across Europe, America and Asia -  just key in your requirements at the top of the page and refine your results to find your next flexible working space.

Whatever your budget and business size, we'll be able to help you find a suitable flexible co-working space through Workthere. Backed by global real estate advisory Savills, our experts are fully prepared to offer impartial advice to anyone who needs it.