Co-Working Fixed Desk

Co-working is constantly growing in popularity, offering entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses of all sizes collaborative working environments in some of the world's greatest cities.

Curious to know exactly what co-working is? And how much fixed desk co-working will cost your business? Keep on reading our guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know to get started.

What is co-working?

The phrase co-working often covers a variety of office types and can sometimes be confusing, but generally, it refers to a shared space with other companies.

It offers a sense of freedom and flexibility modern workers often require, and acts as an alternative to traditional long-term rents and leases.

A desk within a co-working space is typically rented as a membership, which can be flexible and in the form of a day, week, month or years.

A co-working space consists of a shared office space filled with plenty of desks and meeting rooms and co-habituated by a variety of different people and businesses in an open environment.

They often include additional facilities for example;  cafés, networking events and even on-site gyms. Size and included services vary, but all forms of co-working spaces offer a fresh new outlook on professional working environments.

What does co-working look like through Workthere?

You'll find a range of co-working spaces through Workthere, with both fixed desks and hot desks available. There are advantages to each, so choose the kind of desk that best suits your needs and working style.

Fixed desk

If you're looking for a permanent space to work, either by yourself or with a small team, rent a fixed desk.

Your desk will be yours for as long as you require it, and fixed desks offer built-in storage space so you can lock away your work equipment, documents and even your lunch supplies if you wish

You'll be able to personalise your space too, helping you to settle into your new environment. Around you, you'll find other businesses and freelancers at their desks and sharing this creative space is a fantastic way to network, make friends and collaborate on new projects.

Fixed desks are a brilliant alternative to an isolated office or a lonely spot in Starbucks, and with many offering 24-hour access you can get on with your work whenever you please, knowing your desk will be right there waiting for you.

Hot desk

With a hot desk, you simply enter the workplace and choose an empty desk to work from. It's likely you'll end up sitting in a different spot every time you choose to come in, which can be fantastic if a change in environment motivates you, and for meeting new people.

Hot desking is a highly popular option due to its flexibility, particularly with people who only require a desk for a few days a week, and is a great choice if all you need to work is yourself and your laptop. It also allows you the opportunity to work from different locations throughout the week, some providers might have 20 or 30 locations across London and beyond that can be used as part of your membership.

This does mean however, that you'll need to completely clear your desk at the end of each day. Many co-working environments do provide lockers for storing away your possessions, but it's best to check in advance.
To find out more, view our hot-desking guide.   

Once you've decided between fixed desk co-working and hot desking, it's time to consider what kind of working environment you're looking for. Some co-working spaces are great for everyone, while others may be best suited to those in the same sector. Creatives, for example, tend to thrive in a space that offers plenty of collaborative opportunities. 

We recommend visiting a selection of co-working spaces before you make your final decision.

How does it work?

A fixed desk is usually rented on a monthly membership basis. This is a rolling membership and can usually be cancelled with one month’s notice, providing you and your team with the ultimate flexibility.

How much does co-working cost?

The price of fixed desk co-working varies depending on the space you choose, and the facilities you require. Nevertheless, choosing to work at a fixed desk is inexpensive compared to the traditional option of renting a private office.

Prices are charged monthly and per person at Workthere, with fixed desk co-working generally starting from as little as £200 in London. Average monthly memberships for a fixed desk are more like £350-£550 depending on the location and provider This monthly sum covers everything, from electricity, Wi-Fi and security to any additional facilities you've chosen, making it easier to budget for your business and removing the risk of hidden fees.

Whether you're a freelancer or a business owner looking to rent multiple fixed desks for your employees, affordable co-working options are readily available. If you're looking to keep costs down, try searching for workspaces that lie outside of your chosen city's key commercial area. For example in London, there are some very reasonable co-working locations in residential areas within Zone 2.

Where can you find co-working spaces?

You can find co-working spaces all over the UK, and all over the world. Luckily, we've done all the hard work for you, and you can quickly find appropriate co-working fixed desks by using our search tool at the top of the page. You can also filter your results to ensure all the amenities you require are included in your search selection. 

From the heart of London to the peaceful outskirts of Cambridge, we'll be able to help you find the perfect co-working space. Take a look at some of our most popular co-working locations, and don't forget to contact a member of the Workthere team if you require any assistance.  

Who is a fixed desk co-working best for?

A fixed-desk co-working best suits companies of 1-6 people in size. This can include many different business but mist commonly includes start-ups seeking to keep costs lower whilst also taking advantage of meeting and collaborating with other businesses.

Companies of more than 6 people are better suited to private space, often providers will ask companies move on to private space when they reach this sort of size.

Why use co-working?

Freedom and flexibility

Choose where you work and when you work, and enjoy the freedom that comes with a co-working lifestyle. Whether you only need a desk during the evenings for three days a week, or require a professional space to work for two months in London, co-working offers a sense of freedom traditional renting cannot.

Better yet, moving on is easy. If it's time to change location, or upgrade to a larger space, all you need to do is serve your notice (usually 1 month) and finalise your move-out date, pick up your things and go.

All-inclusive workspace

Setting up a place to work in a city can be costly, particularly for start-ups and freelancers seeking a more professional environment. Co-working helps to cut down costs too - by sharing a space with others, you'll see a huge deduction in your monthly bill.

Services are included with the monthly rent of your fixed desk as well, from the basics like electricity and Wi-Fi to cleaners, receptionists and around-the-clock security. You can benefit from much larger communal spaces too, with many co-working environments offering cosy seating areas, cafes and kitchen facilities.

Become part of a community

You won't just find a desk waiting for you in your new flexible workspace, you'll find an entire community of like-minded people all around you.

With a mixture of freelancers, start-ups and larger SMEs working in shared workspaces, there are an endless amount of opportunities to take advantage of. New ideas, partnerships and friendships can all be made here, and with such a flexible environment new people will be entering the workspace all the time. Many providers host events to make sure their community continues to network and meet new people.
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